Missing Teeth Are Common

Posted on November 3, 2021

dentist explaining dental implants: improve your whole health when you improve your smile

If you have missing teeth, you’re not alone – epidemiological studies have shown that 200 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, with 40 million missing all their teeth. Most people lose teeth due to dental decay (cavities or infections), trauma, or gum/bone disease. Many people then don’t take the necessary steps to restore their smile. Maybe it’s fear of the dentist or uncertainty over treatments like dental implants. But over time, missing teeth become more than a cosmetic issue and can affect your whole health.

How Do Missing Teeth Impact Your Health?

When you have many missing teeth, it’s not just your smile that’s affected. Chewing becomes more difficult, which means that many foods become next to impossible to eat. The spaces where your teeth used to be can also attract many bacteria. These in turn can make you sick, or even lead to heart problems or dementia. Given enough time, missing teeth can also cause a loss of jawbone mass too.

Dental Implants Can Help

Dental implants are one of the most effective and durable treatments for missing teeth. They can be used on patients with anywhere from a single missing tooth to an entire arch of teeth. Even if you’re missing many teeth, you can have them placed in as little as one visit. Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry is a world leader in compassionate restorative dentistry with dental implants. Our results speak for themselves.

Restore Your Smile & Whole Health

Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry is proud to offer the best in dental implants. With a new set of implants, you can go back to enjoying all your favorite healthy foods. You can smile with confidence again. But best of all, you can restore your whole health and feel like yourself.

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