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Woodstock General and Implant Dentistry on May 23, 2017

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    Dentists That Will Give Your Kids the Teeth They Deserve

    Kids have unique needs when it comes to their teeth and dental care. At Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry, our goal is to help parents establish healthy oral hygiene habits with their kids. Our dentists also develop an individual plans for each child to help protect their teeth from decay. This will help your kids to avoid expensive treatments like fillings, crowns, and extractions in the future.

    If you are in need of a kids dentist near the Woodstock area to care for your children’s teeth, look no further than Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry.

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    Sealants prevent tooth decay in kids

    Sealants are a kind of coating that dentists can paint onto the uneven chewing surface of a tooth. They are a preventative measure that helps keep out the germs and food particles that contribute to tooth decay. Sealants will also protect your kid’s teeth from damage so they can avoid future fillings and crowns.

    Our dentists will apply a sealant to your child’s permanent molars once they emerged from the gums. Although sealants are not permanent, they last between five to ten years. This means protection for your kids’ teeth during the most cavity-prone years.

    How We Apply Sealants

    The sealant procedure is very simple. Your child’s dentist can take care of it during their regular cleaning appointment. Once the teeth have been cleaned, we will apply a preparation gel to help the sealant adhere properly. A short time later, this gel is rinsed off and the composite sealant is applied to the chewing surface of the tooth. Within a couple of minutes, the sealant will have dried. Voila! Your kid’s teeth are protected!