Tischler & Patch Dental on May 18, 2017

Restorations to Last a Lifetime

Dental Crowns are replacement teeth that are individually crafted to fit your bite and smile. They fill the gap left after you damage or lose a tooth, and more importantly keep your remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment, causing bite problems and leading to bone loss in your jaw.  Crowns can be attached to cover a damaged tooth, or supported by a dental implant when the whole tooth is missing. Crowns can be made of multiple types of materials, but we recommend Zirconia crowns as they contain no metals, and make your teeth more resistant to injury and disease.

Dental bridges are simply a combination of two or more crowns that “bridge” the space between your teeth. The most common type of dental bridge, a fixed dental bridge, is cemented to adjacent “abutment” teeth and can only be removed by a dentist. Fixed dental bridges typically consist of a pontic (false tooth), fused between two dental crowns, which are cemented to the abutment teeth. Although these types bridges can improve the appearance and function of your mouth, a dental implant supported bridge is a more permanent solution.

Our dental laboratory utilizes the latest Computer-Assist-Design/Computer-Assist-Manufacture (CAD CAM) technology to mill full contour bridges from Prettau® Zirconia – the definitive solution for missing or failing teeth.

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