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Woodstock General and Implant Dentistry on May 23, 2017

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    Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry is dedicated to providing life-long care to our patients across the Hudson Valley, throughout Dutchess County, Ulster County and beyond.  Your health and overall well-being is our primary concern.  That’s why we focus on the entire person, seeking to provide you with preventative care, lifestyle choices, and effective therapies that help you do the things you want to do – free from the limitations and suffering caused by major dental problems.

    We begin with a personal assessment of your overall health, your lifestyle, and the condition of your teeth and gums.  We then develop a customized oral health plan specific to your needs, and provide all the services you need in a compassionate, stress-free environment.

    If this approach appeals to you, why not schedule your first visit today?

    Your Personal Oral Hygiene Regimen

    A daily commitment to practicing effect oral hygiene not only prevents major dental problems but contributes significantly to your ongoing good health.

    The Enemy is Plaque.

    Plaque attracts both food particles and the harmful bacteria that feed on them.  You can’t remove all of this plaque on your own, so our hygiene team is here to assist you when you visit twice a year.

    Identifying, assessing and preventing periodontal disease is a major focus for our registered dental hygienists who work in tandem with our dentists to ensure that every patient receives exceptional dental care.  Periodontal disease is a chronic condition caused by the build-up of plaque and harmful bacteria that is very common among adults.  Left untreated, it can not only result in tooth loss but contribute to other systematic illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

    At Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry, we make it our mission (and duty) to eliminate periodontal disease and bring the mouth and body to optimum health and well-being.

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    When Body Pain Won't Go Away, Consider Your Teeth

    This article, written by our very own Fred Milton, DMD (and published in About Town Magazine) discusses how he entered the field of holistic dentistry and how subtle, non-invasive adjustments to a patient’s teeth can alleviate chronic body pain. Dr. Milton utilizes Resultant Force Vectors (RFV) and Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) to eliminate pain, enabling the body to heal itself.


    “I saw a patient who had constantly complained of painfully sensitive teeth, though I could find no detectable sign of decay. Hers was an extreme case. In spite of my desire to do otherwise I had repeatedly felt forced to send her to a root canal specialist. By the time I saw her, the woman had had over twenty-two root canals! This time, seeing her with yet another emergency, she showed me exactly which tooth was hurting and asked me to adjust it. I told her I’d just gone to a seminar and asked her to bear with me as I tried a new method to find the source of her pain.

    “Using RFV, I found that the tooth that was actually out of alignment was on the opposite side of the tooth she was indicating. Adjustments to the misaligned tooth restored the balance of her bite, and thus her body, and her pain went away. I have continued to use RFV in treating her. She has since been pain-free and has never had another root canal.”

    “When the body is returned to balance through methods such as RFV, it kicks in to heal itself. The results are undeniable.”

    “When other treatments have not been successful in relieving pain or other ailments, injuries or syndromes, perhaps healing can be found through the kind of treatment I’ve described. When considering your health, don’t forget your teeth. They most certainly do more than chew food.”

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